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Residential Windows


If your residential windows in your Gainesville Ga home have seen better days, replace them! TB Gainesville Window Installers energy-efficient, double pane windows can drastically lower your heating and cooling expenditures. Additionally, studies show that new residential windows in Gainesville Ga. add value and exterior appeal to your home. However, with so many styles and materials available, deciding which windows are right for your home can be overwhelming. Furthermore, this is a significant investment! Conducting some research before making a purchase will save you time and money in the long run. Lets look at some of the factors that may help make the decision easier.

Custom, or Replacement Windows For Your Gainesville Ga Home?

One of the first decisions a homeowner must make is between “custom” and “replacement” windows. Here is the difference:

Custom Windows in Gainesville Ga.

Custom windows are typically installed when there’s a change to the size or shape of an existing window opening. This new opening needs to be replaced with a ‘custom made’ residential window. To complete the installation and surrounding carpentry usually needs the services of a window contractor. 

While custom windows in Gainesville Ga. aren’t necessarily more expensive than replacement windows, the additional labor adds to the overall cost. The ability to entirely modify the design and feel of your home both inside and out is a significant benefit of custom windows.

Gainesville Ga.’s Replacement Windows

Installing replacement windows in Gainesville Ga. involves removing the old windows without changing the surrounding opening. The new window, sash, and frame – designed to fit exactly into the existing opening, then ‘replaces’ the old window. Although replacement windows cost around the same as custom windows of the same size, there is less labor involved in the installation, so the overall cost is less. 

Gainesville Ga.’s residential replacement windows are an excellent choice when the old frame is still in good shape. They’re also good when the trim is attractive and complements the décor of the home. Obviously, labor cost savings are beneficial for balancing a budget. Replacement windows might be stock sizes or produced to fit any opening, depending on the manufacturer.

Residential Window Styles

After you’ve decided between custom or  replacement windows, the following step is to decide on the style or type of window. The four most basic and often used types are as follows:

Single or Double Hung Residential Windows 

These are among the most common windows and are found in most homes. They consist of two independent sashes (the actual pane of glass in the inner frame) that slide up and down to open and close.

A single hung window opens from the bottom only by sliding up. A double-hung window opens from either the top or the bottom.

Double-hung windows are ideal for creating an airflow through the home. They are especially useful to homes where there are small children, as they reduce the risk of a child climbing out the bottom window. (Remember: window screens cannot withstand the weight of a small child.)

Gainesville Ga.’s Residential Casement Windows

Casement windows usually consist of a single huge sash that’s hinged vertically and opens by swinging out. Usually, a lever or other mechanism is used to open this style of window.

Awning Windows

Awning windows have a top hinge and open by tilting the window out from the bottom. As the name suggests, an awning window creates the impression of an awning when open. Awning style windows are most common in coastal areas and bathrooms.

Slider Windows

When there isn’t enough space outside to swing the window open, these windows roll open from side to side.

Residential Window Frame and Sash Materials

After deciding on the design or type of window, you must evaluate the materials used to construct the windows. Wood and vinyl are the most popular window materials nowadays. 

There are also types, such as “wood-clad” windows. Aluminum frame windows are also available, although they are less common because they are not as energy efficient as vinyl or wood.

Wood Windows 

Wood is both beautiful and has excellent insulating capabilities, making it resistant to both heat and cold. On the other hand, wood requires much more  maintenance. Wooden windows need treatment to prevent them from moisture infiltration, and decay. Additionally, if you’ve painted or stained them, that treatment will have to be maintained as well.

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Gainesville Ga. 

Like their cousin vinyl fencing, vinyl windows have become one of the most popular choices among homeowners. Vinyl is virtually maintenance-free, provides excellent insulation, is reasonably priced, and looks great.

Clad Windows

Clad windows, insulation material covered in a wood designed vinyl, have become a popular option among homeowners as well. As stated earlier, vinyl is nearly maintenance-free, provides good insulation, is competitively priced, and looks great. And the look of wood has been coveted for decades. This type of framing design brings both worlds together!

Vinyl clad windows combine the elegant look of wood, with a vinyl coating on the outside. This provides the low-maintenance characteristic that has made vinyl so popular, while still providing the beauty and natural feel of stained or painted wood.

Window Warranties

Always examine the warranties provided by the various window manufacturers. This is particularly necessary with warranties pertaining to the glass itself. Fogging between the panes, which is indicative of air-leakage,  is a regular complaint with insulated glass windows.  

This is where a well-known company with a high reputation comes in handy. Companies who have been in business for years are more likely to remain in business in the future. If your window has problems or requires replacement parts or sashes, those are the companies that will be there for you

Choosing a Window Contractor

There are various methods for finding a reputable window replacement contractor in Gainesville Ga., but one great option is word of mouth. Sometimes the best companies don’t advertise much, because they rely on their past performances to be their best advertisement! Of course, this is how TB Gainesville Window Installers operates. Calling us is always a great option!